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Are You a Lottery Marketing Victim?

Lottery marketing, like its gaming counterpart, is easy to identify and can be just as addicting. Put simply, lottery marketing is putting a few dollars and lots of time into every marketing related activity you can think of and hoping, fingers crossed, that one of these activities will work. And they do, just often enough […]

Goal Setting is Futile

It’s the fourth quarter of the year. 2020 just around the corner. That’s goal setting time for many businesses. So here’s the question: Has your annual goal setting exercise begun to look like those New Year’s resolutions? You know the ones where you resolve to exercise three times a week or stop eating meat? Resolved […]

Becoming an Industry Disruptor

Entrepreneurs are visionaries. We wake up every day thinking about how we can change the world. Companies like Instagram, DoorDash, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and Clark Pacific have made that dream a reality by changing the game and, sometimes, the rules.E “Don’t be afraid to Fail Up. You can get eight things wrong before you […]

Dreading 2020 Planning? You’re Not Alone

Are we ready for 2020? That’s the question many business owners are asking today as we start the planning process for next year. And with that question comes the gut churning, palms sweating reality that — oh no! We have to put together a 2020 plan! For many, the first challenge is finding the time. […]

The one innovation trap that can kill your business

Product and service innovation is a key accelerator of business growth at any stage of business from startup to maturity. Although we most often associate product innovation with startup companies, and the tech industry in particular, continuous innovation should be part of every business owner’s growth strategy. Consider an established business with strong growth, a […]

Your Customers are Leaving – Why?

Losing customers, especially a big customer, is the nightmare of every business owner. Customers leave for a variety of reasons. Sometimes despite your best efforts. And the number one reason is: something has changed. But what? In today’s economic environment, everything is always in flux. When customers leave it is often due to one or […]

Six Growth Maximizers for Scaling Your Business

Gaining traction. Scaling up. Maximizing business value. Whatever your definition of business growth is, investing in these six proven business accelerators is bound to make a difference. We call them Market Fuel Strategies because they are designed to bring new energy to your business operations and increased profit to your bottom-line. In hundreds of client […]

Innovation, Future Thinking Shines at TechEdge 2019

The strength, vibrancy and innovation of Sacramento’s tech community was in full motion at the 2019 TechEdge conference held yesterday at the Sheraton Grand hotel. The event featured speakers from across the technology ecosystem from startup founders to investors and technology leaders such as Uber and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Of particular note was the […]

Are You Too Busy To Grow?

Your business is moving full speed ahead and there aren’t enough hours in the day to meet all your customer, product and sales obligations. You’re slammed, so of course your business or practice is growing! How could it not be? We are serving customers, moving product, increasing sales. Well, not so fast. Your business can […]